About Us & Our Services

Stellar Oilfield Services provides oil & gas construction & maintenance field management & supervision to ensure projects are completed on time & on budget while maintaining the highest safety & quality standards


Major construction projects are complex undertakings, often involving dozens of subcontractors and suppliers, hundreds of workers and millions of dollars in material & equipment. Orchestrating such operations requires first-rate field management & supervision – something Stellar Oilfield Services has been providing on projects big & small for over a decade.


Maintenance is an essential part of any type of faciltiy or plant to ensure that each component of the system is working at peak performance to minimize shut down time. Often our clients maintenance support requirements include our executing a wide variety of small capital projects that are most effectively executed through an integrated approach. Stellar Oilfield Services can provide field management, supervision & lean principles to provide owners with a high quality service that leverages resource continuity & not only address but manage fluctuating work loads.


Stellar Oilfield Services provides a hands-on approach to manage & supervise projects, from inception to completion by deploying customized resources to meet the demands of each client. Supported by strong technical resources our highly trained & experienced field management & supervisors provide an end-to-end solution that discerning companies have come to depend on for their projects large & small throughout Western Canada.